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Businessman brainstorming and writing notesMoving from the suburbs to a city is a significant change and requires real planning to ensure a smooth move. Here at Jersey Shore Moving and Storage, we’d like to provide you with some big city moving tips to make your relocation enjoyable and stress-free.

Consider Getting Rid of your Car

If possible, you might want to consider selling your car when you move to the city and rely instead on public transport. Traffic congestion within a city often means that public transport is quicker and more efficient. Plus, the fees for parking a vehicle can result in public transport being more cost effective. What’s more, with the cost of city living usually being significantly higher than in the the suburbs, selling your car would provide you with some extra money to help you adjust to city life. With the added bonus of doing your bit for the environment, leaving your car behind is a real thing to consider when moving to the city.

Make A Budget

Another of our key big city moving tips is to prepare yourself for the high cost of city living. Most likely, your budget from the suburbs will not cover the same things in the city and expenses will increase. Doing an internet search or talking to acquaintances from the city is a good way to establish a rough idea of costs as well as any money saving tips. If you haven’t chosen an area already, it is useful to find out the average price of living in different neighborhoods to work out where will suit you best. Contacting your moving company to request an estimate for your move will help you with your budget.


With the cost of living being higher in cities, it is likely that you will be moving to a smaller property than your suburban home. It is useful to consider whether your belongings will fit into your new home or whether you should plan to sell or store some of your possessions. Be sure to measure the size of rooms in your city apartment so as to work out how much you can bring with you.

Taking on board these three big city moving tips should help set you up well for your relocation from the suburbs to the city. For any more information on this type of move, please contact our team at Jersey Shore Moving and Storage on 732-295-9988.