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If you’re planning on moving home at some point in the future and have school-aged children with you, then you may need to take a few extra things into consideration.

1. Let your children know about the move as soon as possible

The sooner you tell your children, the more time you have to ease their worries and help them adjust to the idea.

2. Do your research on new schools as early as you can

Since your children will need to attend a different school, it’ll help if you look for different choices early on. That way you can arrange a visit to see if the school is suitable, and you could even take your children to give them some freedom to choose as well.

3. Consider visiting your new location with your children

If possible, try and visit your new location with your children before you make the full move. This can help them get accustomed to their new surroundings.

4. Plan your move ahead of time to make it as smooth as possible

Get in touch with a local moving service to manage the logistics of moving, make sure you inform different people and companies of address changes and have a set date for your move. Planning ahead will make everything a lot smoother.

5. Let your children get involved with the move

Whether it’s letting them pack their own things or helping them with picking a school, it’s very important that you let your children get involved with the moving process when possible. It helps them feel more involved with the process rather than just being forced to go along.