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The day everyone has been waiting for is finally here! You had everything cleaned and packed overnight, ready for moving when morning comes. Everyone, including the children, are excited to move out of town. But before you do that, here are a few moving etiquette guidelines you should observe;

Be Considerate of Your Current Neighbors

Good manners dictate that you relay information that you will be moving on a specific day and time. Moving vehicles may block the shared entries and exit points if the residence doesn’t have designated moving areas. Therefore, be considerate and mindful of the people next door by telling them to plan accordingly well in advance. 

Moving Etiquette demands familiarizing yourself with the nearby folks’ schedules. If they go to work early, you should move after they have all gone. Also, don’t move too early since the mayhem may disrupt their sleep. Nobody likes being awakened before their normal waking time, and you need to leave a good impression.  

Consider Parking when Planning

Make sure you consult with the property managers of the place you want to move to beforehand. The concerned person will show you a designated loading or parking area for the truck. As was the case with your previous neighbors, be considerate of the new neighbors. Ask about the moving rules set on where and when moving companies should access the shared driveway.

Things get much more complicated if you are moving to a city. Do your homework properly to avoid the inconveniences that may ruin your day. Familiarize yourself with parking rules and any other rules about residential roads access and parking. Inform the moving company ahead of time to avoid risking parking fines or towing for breaking the rules.

Make the Necessary Preparations to Ease the Moving Process 

If you want the process to go faster and smoother while also being considerate to the movers, the little you can do is prepare for the day well before they arrive.

You should request the property manager to reserve an elevator for the hours you will be moving if you’re fortunate enough to reside in a condo or a high-rise apartment. Some of them will be more than glad to help you out. Up and down movement using a dedicated elevator during the day is much easier and faster because the movers will not get inconvenienced by other residents.

When moving during the wet and cold season, consider preparing the driveway by pouring deicing salts. This will not only ease movement but prevent slip accidents. Get rid of any trip hazards and protruding edges that may injure the movers.

Label the boxes appropriately by room so that the movers can easily recognize where to place and handle the boxes since some contain fragile objects. 

Serve Refreshments

Lifting cumbersome furniture, heavy boxes, and bulky mattresses while moving back and forth is back-breaking work, and the least you can do in appreciation is serving refreshments to the sweating movers. You bet they will be exhausted, and thirsty, so better have at least bottled water on hand. If you are moving on a hot day, it will be much better if you get to the new home ahead of them and fill the fridge with chilled beverages

When moving on a chilly winter day, serve the movers hot drinks such as hot tea and coffee in simple paper cups to warm them up. Additionally, feel free to offer them towels and ponchos when they get rained on. Hospitality warms even the hearts of strangers. However, be warned that some moving companies don’t permit their staff to take intoxicating drinks on the job because it may interfere with the work quality. 

Be Friendly

Avoid doing anything that will make the neighbors form a negative image of you. Blocking pathways and driveways with your furniture or a moving truck is plain rude. Remember, you are not trying to make enemies out of your new neighbors. One way of making a positive first impression is by moving conveniently to avoid rudely disrupting their sleep or keep them from accessing the driveway when coming from work.

If the neighbors are home, they will be interested in knowing the new people next door. Consequently, act in a polite and friendly manner towards them and the movers. Wave and smile when meeting the neighbors instead of just staring.


Although not mandatory, you’ll be expected to tip the movers as a show of gratitude and satisfaction for a task well executed. The standard tipping charges are 5% of the total moving costs, but you can tip more if the moving process was much more complicated. Ensure you have liquid cash for tipping to avoid inconveniences.

You don’t have to tip friends who helped you move, but you can show appreciation through other means such as gift cards or a bottle of beer. If you don’t have something to repay immediately, make sure you do so some other time.


Moving doesn’t have to be a complicated process producing hard feelings if you follow this moving etiquette guide. Just remember to prepare beforehand, inform concerned parties, be hospitable, and of course- smile and wave!