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Packing suppliesWhen moving homes, you’ll need a lot of reliable and sturdy packing supplies. If you choose to move with us at Jersey Shore Moving & Storage, we can supply you with affordable and high-quality packing resources that won’t let you down. However, if you want to get them elsewhere, there are a number of options.

Ask Your Friends or Family

Before you rush out to buy flat pack boxes or bubble wrap from expensive retailers, ask your friends and family if they have any old boxes, tape, or bubble wrap that could be used for moving. This can be a very cheap alternative to buying supplies as they’re free!

Ask Local Shops

Every week, shops receive deliveries in order to replenish their stock. Therefore, the chances of them having lots of cardboard, boxes, and even bubble wrap are very high. Simply ask a member of staff if they have any of these types of items you could have.

Check Resources Online

You can use the Internet to find cheap or free packing supplies. With sites such as Craigslist and the various recyclable packing supply companies out there, you’ll be sure to find some resources at either a very low cost or for completely free!

Speak to Us

If you would prefer to find out what we have to offer when it comes to packing supplies, all you have to do is get in touch. The excellent resources we can offer you are of the highest quality. We’ll even help you pack them! We’d be more than happy to help you. Alternatively, get in touch to find out how else we can help you when it comes to all things moving and storage. Call us today at (732) 295-9988.