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Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life? Want something a little more relaxed and peaceful? If that’s the case, then you might be interested in moving to the suburbs. However, the transition process can often take people by surprise, so here are a few things to consider before you make that decision.

You’re going to miss the city

At least for a while. Many people enjoy the comforts and conveniences of living in a city, so the thought of moving can be a little stressful or difficult to cope with. You’re going to miss your way of life for a while, but once you adapt and start embracing the benefits of a suburban lifestyle, you’ll easily get over it.

You might find it hard to meet people

Unlike cities where everyone is densely packed and the population is higher, suburbs can often feel a little isolated. You’ll need to attend community events if you want to meet people naturally. It takes a bit more work to make friends, but it’s not impossible.

You’re going to be driving everywhere

People that live in cities can get accustomed to taking public and private transportation everywhere. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for living in a suburb. You’ll need a car since you’ll be driving everywhere, so keep this in mind before you decide to move.

Your house will become a lot more important

Since things are further away, you’ll end up spending a lot of time in your own home or maybe somebody else’s home. There are parks and community centers too, but the majority of your time will be spent indoors. This makes your house a lot more important and you’ll want to outfit it with great furniture and plenty of entertainment.