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Movers Serving ManahawkinTop Tips for Helping Friends Move

We all like to think that we can count on our friends, and most of us do. So when a friend asks for your help to move home, it’s nice to oblige. Follow our tips straight from our Jersey Shore Moving & Storage team on how to help a friend move successfully.

Source Durable Boxes

Having a range of strong and durable boxes is important, so if you can locate them on behalf of your friends that are moving, it will remove a little bit of stress from their busy schedule.

Be Prepared to Get Involved

If you offer to help a friend move home, be prepared to get involved with anything from packing to heavy lifting. Just ask what they need you to do and get on with it.

Arrange Times and Stick to them

If you’ve ever moved home, you will know how stressful it can be. It’s therefore important to let your friends that you are helping know when you are available, and try your best to stick those times. If you don’t turn up at the time you’ve agreed, it can throw the entire moving process off course. So try and stick to your arranged times as best as possible, and if you can’t, let them know.

Offer to Babysit

If your friends who are moving have children, offer to babysit them so that they can get on with the packing and moving in peace.

Provide Refreshments

Because moving can be hectic, it may be a nice idea to supply all those working hard with the move with some refreshments to keep them going. It’s important to keep hydrated and energized, so healthy snacks and liquids are a good idea.

Remove the Stress with Jersey Shore Moving & Storage

To alleviate much of the stress associated with moving, why not enlist our services. We can help with packing, organizing and the move itself. Get in touch at (732)-295-9988 or contact us online.